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Buying or Selling a Hawaii Home


Regional Area Prices

Our beautiful island of Kauai is has weather patterns that tend to differ depending on the side of the island.  Even on a rainy day, one can usually find sunshine somewhere on the island.  Home prices also vary by region as shown by this chart.

Kauai regional real estate prices

Buying a Kauai Home

Buying a home on Kauai is straight-forward and easy provided you work with a real estate agent who will help with the details by coordinating with multiple support parties.  That assumes you have the $$$ to buy because Kauai properties are some of the highest-priced properties in the nation.  Many (but not all) buyers require financing (click the link for more info on that)  .If your native currency is not in US Dollars, you can convert currency values.

Selling a Kauai Home

A critical component of selling a property is establishing a listing price and a competitive market analysis (CMA) is essential for that.  Instant valuations are available which can be seductive in their simplicity but they can be wildly innacurate, especially for Kauai.  For example, provides a home value estimate called Zestimate®.  Check their Zestimate accuracy claims for Kauai and you will find that Zillow themselves only rate their Kauai estimates with 2 stars ("Fair") out of 4 stars (as of Dec 2020).  Always request a CMA from your favorite agent.